Planning an excursion to Hambledon Cottage


What does Hambledon Cottage offer?

During a visit to Hambledon Cottage, students will observe a cottage furnished to the 1820s-1880s period.  They will see examples of artefacts used in colonial days, make comparisons with life today.  All activities have been designed to the guidelines of the Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) syllabus.


What will happen on the day?

When your school arrives at the cottage from Gregory Place, please enter via the Hassall Street door with students ready to be placed in groups of no more than 10. 

The guides will take their group through the cottage and surrounding garden observing, discussing and participating in activities.

The teachers will be given material to take back to the school which will help with follow-up activities, e.g. instructions on how to make the toys and pictures of some of the artefacts.



At least one hour but can be adjusted to fit in with other activities.



40 students at a time is preferable although up to 50 can be accommodated.  If more children need to be catered for, it is suggested that while one half of the students are at Hambledon, the other half  participate in some of the other educational activities provided in Parramatta, e.g. if 70 students are involved, 35 could be catered for before lunch, with the other 35 coming after lunch.


Lunch or Morning Tea

The Hambledon Reserve park surrounding the cottage can be used for meals and games, etc.


How to Book for a school visit?

Bookings for a school visit may be made by telephoning Hambledon Cottage on (02) 9635-6924 or by email to . If the telephone is unanswered, please leave contact details (name, school, telephone and email) on the answering machine and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

After booking, a Booking Form will be emailed to the school as confirmation of your booking.

A Risk Assessment for the venue can be downloaded from our website.


What is the cost of the visit?

$7.00 per student for Stage 1 and Stage 2. $10.00 per student for Stage 3.


How do you find Hambledon Cottage?

A map of its location can be downloaded from our website.

It is suggested that buses transporting school children park in Hassall Street in “Bus Parking” space, near the large "White Gate"so children do not have to cross the road.