Journal of Proceedings Vol. III



1.   The Cumberland Steam Mill                                           J. K. S. Houison


2.   The Early History of the Press in Parramatta                The Late T. D. Little


3.   First Ten Years in the History of Dundas                      H. J. Rumsey


4.   A History of Politics and Politicians in Parramatta        James Jervis


5.   Historical Notes on the Lives of Geo. Caley,

      James Dunlop, Revs. W. B. Clarke

      and William. Woolls                                                         James Jervis


6.   Pennant Hills Quarry                                                       H. J. Rumsey


7.   Dickens and Australia                                                     William Freame


8.   History of Settlement, Parramatta, 1788‑1800              James Jervis


9.   Interesting Historical Relics Around Penrith                 Rev. S. C. Roberts


10. Life of James Elder                                                         H. Selkirk


11. Parramatta's First Newspaper                                        James Jervis


12. The Darling Mills, Parramatta                                        J. K. S. Houison


13. Lavender and Old Lace                                                   William Freame


14. In God's Acre                                                                   William Freame


15. Elizabeth Macarthur                                                        Margaret Swann