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February 2016



     A.1                         VISION


To be the local authority on the history (local and family) and heritage of Parramatta, and to operate Hambledon Cottage as an historic house museum, authentically displaying and furnishing it as an 1820s -1880s colonial Georgian cottage.


A.2                         MISSION


·       To operate the Society and Hambledon Cottage, meeting all legal, financial and statutory obligations;


·       To continue to restore and furnish Hambledon Cottage as an authentic colonial Georgian cottage of the 1820s-1880s period;


·       To collect, research, preserve, exhibit and interpret archives and artefacts relevant to Parramatta and district for the benefit and education of the community;


·       To encourage the study of local and family history, both of the Parramatta district and of Australia;


·       To promote the compilation of authentic records relating to Parramatta and district;


·       To research, print, publish and circulate publications relating to Parramatta & district;


·       To promote and market the Society and Hambledon Cottage to encourage community involvement;


·       To maintain an active membership of the Society.





A.3            GOALS & STRATEGIES





To manage the Society and operate Hambledon Cottage located at 63 Hassall Street (corner Gregory Place), Parramatta, NSW 2150

o        Develop & implement an annual Strategic Plan and Budget;

o        Develop, implement and maintain relevant and active policies and procedures;

o        Develop and maintain an effective and up-to-date computer-based records system;

o        Effectively administer Society finances while remaining within budgetary & legal


o        Recruit, train and efficiently manage an adequate number of volunteers to meet

the Society's responsibilities for guided tours & other committee activities;

o        Maintain relevant safety standards;

o         Seek to have Hambledon Cottage and its historic trees included on National

Heritage Register;

o        Restore and furnish Hambledon Cottage as an authentic colonial Georgian cottage

of the 1820s-1880s period;

o        Maintain close links with Parramatta City Council and Museums & Galleries







To collect archives and artefacts and compile authentic records relating to Parramatta & district

o        Follow the Collection Management policy and procedures;

o        Evaluate the existing collection and its future needs;

o        Document new acquisitions promptly;

o        Ensure an effective documentation system is maintained;

o        Follow the Preservation & Disaster Preparedness Policies;

o        Improve the storage facilities for the collection;

o    Evaluate and implement improvements in the environmental conditions of the

storage and display areas (including issues of temperature, lighting and humidity);

o        Conserve objects determined to be significant to the collection;

o        Resolve any issues surrounding ownership of the collection.












To promote an interest in local and family history and the Society’s collection to the local community and the general public

o        Develop, implement and maintain an Education policy;

o        Develop and implement displays with local historical content;

o        Arrange to display elements of the Society’s collection in the Hambledon Cottage

house museum and in its exhibition areas as well as in exhibitions conducted by the Parramatta Heritage Centre.


To celebrate events of local historical significance

o        Develop and produce events of local significance to Hambledon Cottage;

o        Participate in events conducted by Parramatta City Council and other local

organisations, in particular Parramatta’s Foundation Day celebrations





To research, print, publish and circulate publications relating to Parramatta & district

o        Produce and distribute a regular Newsletter (Hambledon Herald) to the

community and relevant stakeholders (e.g. Parramatta City Council);

o        Produce and distribute a regular Newsletter (Parramatta Packet) to members of

the Family History group within the Society and for exchange with other societies;

o        Produce and distribute Annual Reports on Society activities;

o        Print and publish books of historical interest about Parramatta & district;


To promote and market the ideals and purposes of the Society and encourage community involvement

o        Develop, implement and maintain a Publicity programme;

o        Maintain an active Society website and provide relevant material to external


o        Provide information to local media to publicise the Society and its activities..


To maintain an active membership to fulfil the Society’s objectives

o        Develop and implement an active and interesting program of events for members

of the Society;

o        Actively encourage new membership from the community and business.




B.              STRATEGIC PLAN FOR 2016


COMMITTEE                              PROJECT



·       Continue review of collection in compactus;

·       Access and catalogue any items to form part of the collection;

·       Arrange de-accession of items, surplus to requirements;

·       Continue Significance Assessments and Object files for objects in Society collection;

·       Ongoing entry of data into InMagic database;

·       Complete labelling of all objects in collection;

·       Arrange to photograph the streetscape of Parramatta CBD;

·       Consider de-accessioning objects, if not applicable.



·       Consider and award Certificates of Merit and Fellowships, as appropriate;

·       Consider the recommendation of members for any appropriate external awards;

·       Consider applying for external awards (e.g. National Trust heritage).


Computer Technology

·       Arrange regular backup of computers, at least monthly;

·       Arrange to update website, as required;

·       Arrange to update Facebook, as required.



·       Continue “Female Factory” display to end May;

·       Develop “Rev. Marsden and Marriage” display from June;

·       Upgrade the “Owners and Occupants” display in Permanent Exhibition Room;

·       Arrange internal cottage Christmas exhibition (mid November).


Family History

·       Conduct 10 meetings;

·       Issue details of 2016 Guest Speakers by March 2016 and include on website;

·       Hold a Seminar in November;

·       Attend Family History State Conference (Camden FHS) in September;

·       Hold a Christmas afternoon tea as December meeting;

·       Be represented at Family and Historical Societies Forum, held 3 times per year;

·       Produce 3 issues of Parramatta Packet, plus Christmas Packet;

·       Exchange journals/newsletters with other societies;

·       Continue to review Member’ Interests for inclusion on website.



·       Prepare Member Roster to serve supper at General Meetings;

·       Arrange for suppers for General Meetings;




·       Arrange afternoon tea for 50th anniversary of Hambledon Cottage as a museum on Saturday 27 February;

·       Arrange any morning teas or lunches for visitors at Hambledon Cottage;

·       Arrange catering for Guides afternoon tea;

·       Arrange catering for Society annual Christmas/Birthday Party at Hambledon Cottage;

·       Arrange Raffles at General Meetings.



·       Arrange lawn mowing;

·       Weed, mulch, fertilise, water and care for the general upkeep of the garden;

·       Encourage members to assist in maintaining garden, e.g. Tuesday Garden Days;

·       Consider small timber planter boxes to make cottage garden more attractive;



·       Apply for grant from Parramatta CC programmes;

·       Apply for grant to Department of Community and Family Services (FAHCSIA) for small equipment;

·       Apply for grant to MGnsw for archival storage material;

·       Arrange prompt acquittal of all expended grants.


Hambledon Cottage Guides Co-ordinator

·       Arrange Guides for roster and group visits;

·       Liaise and organise groups for bookings for groups to visit Hambledon Cottage;

·       Recruit and new Guides;

·       Issue periodic Guides newsletters, at least quarterly;

·       Consider use of high school students being involved as Guides;

·       Promote Hambledon Cottage through community organisations, e.g. Lions, Rotary, Toastmasters, Toastmistresses, CWA, Lantern, Probus, Senior citizens, U3A;


Hambledon Cottage Schools Guides Co-ordinator

·       Arrange Guides for school visits;

·       Liaise and organise groups for bookings for school groups to visit Hambledon Cottage;

·       Arrange development of Stage 3 programme and train Guides;

·       Arrange development of Stage 5 programme and train Guides;

·       Arrange development of programme for Intensive English Centres (IECs);

·       Update and re-issue Guide Notes, as required;

·       Organise Guides afternoon tea;

·       Arrange evening tours in conjunction with Experiment Farm & Elizabeth Farm;

·       Promote Hambledon Cottage to schools for education visits.


Historic Graves

·       Finalise work on St Paul’s book and arrange printing in 2016;

·       On-going watching brief on Parramatta cemeteries;




·       Research and write up isolated graves in Parramatta CBD, Granville, old Toongabbie and Rydalmere;

·       Clean and prepare St Francis Chapel/St Patrick’s Cemetery for services;

·       Liaise with Parramatta CC regarding cemetery issues;

·       Attend Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery meetings.


Historic Sites

·       Have watching brief on Development Applications which may threaten heritage;

·       Attend Heritage Advisory Meetings of Parramatta CC;

·       Consult with Parramatta CC Heritage Advisor re Parramatta heritage sites;

·       Investigate addition of Hambledon Cottage onto National Heritage Register.


Interpretation Implementation

·       Seek donations for or purchase desired objects for cottage, as detailed in Interpretation Implementation meetings, subject to budgeted funds;

·       Arrange looping CD of Old Parramatta for TV in Permanent Exhibition area;

·       Acquire 6 further images to use in cottage, as agreed at 2013 meeting:

·       Withdrawing Room (2);

·       Dining Room (1);

·       Bedroom (2);

·       Exhibition Room (1).



·       Continue to upgrade InMagic database re library books;

·       Purchase books, CDs and DVDs of historical interest and families related to Parramatta and of interest to Guides;

·       Maintain Reference Library;

·       Publicise and maintain Lending Library re books and audio tapes;

·       Sell any surplus books;



·       Arrange for maintenance activities at Hambledon Cottage;

·       Ensure all portable electrical appliances are tested and tagged;

·       Ensure routine checking of fire extinguishers;

·       Arrange for security alarms monitoring and maintenance;

·       Arrange photocopier maintenance;

·       Arrange routine cleaning of Hambledon Cottage, encouraging Guides to assist;

·       Make wooden Oven Door;

·       Refurbish woodwork on signage for cottage, and on both toilets;

·       Arrange Parramatta CC restoration of eastern verandah;

·       Arrange Parramatta CC restoration of Coach House due to rising damp;

·       Arrange painting of ceilings in Withdrawing and Dining Rooms;

·       Arrange repairs to architrave between withdrawing Room and hall;

·       Arrange repairs to external window shutter in Gentleman’s Study;

·       Arrange replacement of cypress pine flooring with wide floorboards;

·       Arrange Parramatta CC replacement of main electrical meter box.




·       Keep membership lists up to date;

·       Continue to keep a list of Past Members and the reasons for leaving;

·       Encourage members to have a name badge;

·       Order and sell any Member name badges and Council and Fellow badges;

·       Order badges for Vice Patrons;

·       “Meet and greet” members at General Meetings, especially new members, guests and visitors;

·       Encourage ALL Councillors to “meet and greet” new members, guests and visitors;

·       Provide “Welcome Bags” to new members;

·       Provide felt pen written paper Name Badges to new members;

·       Send get-Well and Sympathy cards, when situation arises;



·       Produce 10 editions of Hambledon Herald per year;

·       Distribute, by email or post, Hambledon Herald to interested members and societies.


Oral History

·         Conduct oral history interviews (Thelma Wade, Margaret Smith, etc.);

·         Prepare précis of completed interviews to facilitate easy access to the information.



·       Prepare Agenda and circulate Councillor's reports for Council meetings;

·       Prepare Agenda for General meetings;

·       Respond to letters and emails sent to Society, as necessary;



·       Publish 2 brochures in Hambledon Cottage series;

·       Produce CD versions of out-of-print Society Journals (4, 5 and 6);

·       Complete “Monuments and Memorials” book.



·       Monthly publicity for Society and Hambledon Cottage in Parramatta Advertiser, Parramatta Sun, iMag and What’s On in Parramatta website;

·       Continue to update promotion on external websites;

·       Seek publicity to obtain more Guides for Hambledon Cottage;

·       Promote Hambledon Cottage to other groups to encourage visitations;

·       Arrange to mail-out brochures seeking Group bookings.


Public Officer

·       Arrange audit of 2015 accounts, including statement re fundraising;

·       Submit Annual Return to Dept. of Fair Trading, immediately after AGM;

·       Provide necessary data to ACNC re Society officers, etc.






·       Respond to any enquiries sent to Society re local or family history, within 2-3 weeks;

·       Maintain Research, Property and Special Files;

·       Continue research on:The Early Inhabitants of Parramatta Streets”, beginning with Macquarie Street;

·       Complete and publish research on “Soldiers” on Prince Alfred Park memorial.



·       Ensure PDHS books available in local outlets - Hambledon Cottage, Parramatta Heritage Centre, Society of Australian Genealogists, National Trust Parramatta properties (Old Government House and Experiment Farm), and Sydney Living Museums property (Elizabeth Farm);

·       Ensure adequate stocks of books and tapes available for sale;

·       Promote book sales at other venues/fairs, e.g. Back to St Bart’s Day;

·       Investigate better Book Sales arrangement.


Schools Liaison/Naval

·       Arrange Lord Mayor’s John McClymont memorial award for 2015 student;

·       Organise History Day function at Hambledon Cottage on Wednesday 7 September;

·       Organise Primary School Speaking Contest at Parramatta East PS on Wednesday 18 or 25 May;

·       Organise Secondary School Speaking Contest on Wednesday 20 July at Catherine McAuley Westmead;

·       Arrange a visit to HMAS Parramatta or similar vessel;

·       Invite Commanding Officer of HMAS Parramatta to a General Meeting to receive Honorary Membership;

·       Participate in National Flag Day on Friday 2 September at Parramatta HS;

·       Follow-up Parramatta CC regarding erection of statue to Arthur Phillip.


Secretary (Minutes)

·       Prepare minutes of Council meetings and distribute to Councillors;

·       Prepare minutes of General meetings and email to Councillors;


Secretary (Mail)

·       Clear PO Box (at least weekly), record and distribute mail;

·       Clear emails (at least weekly), record and distribute to relevant members;



·       Arrange Guest Speakers for 10 monthly General meetings;

·       Issue details of 2016 Guest Speakers by March 2016 on website;

·       Arrange to organise Lunchtime Illustrated Talks on 3 Thursdays in Heritage Festival:

·       Parramatta Female Factory (Ronda Gaffey) (21 April);

·       Governor Brisbane (Brian Powyer) (5 May);

·       Governor Bourke (Ken Smith) (19 May);

·       Arrange James Jervis lecture as part of a General Meeting.




Strategic Planning and Budget

·       Produce Strategic Plan and Budget for 2016 by February;

·       Arrange mid-year review of progress re 2016 Strategic Plan and Budget;

·       Prepare draft 2017Strategic Plan and 2017 budget in December;

·       Prepare Annual Report and distribute to members at AGM and to stakeholders;

·       Conduct Golden Jubilee celebrations (Saturday afternoon) re opening of Hambledon Cottage on 27 February 2016;

·       Update and produce 2016 Management Manual;

·       Highlight significant events pertaining to Parramatta’s history.



·       Plan, develop and conduct some 8 tours in conjunction with National Trust:

·         Neighbouring Society visit and tour;

·         Local night tour;

·         Regional walking tour;

·         Special city tour;

·         Special host tour;

·       Arrange 3 Sunday walks during Heritage Festival, departing and ending at Hambledon College:

·       Baludarri Wetlands pathway (1 May)

·       Convict Parramatta walk (15 May);

·       6 Parramatta bridges (29 May);

·       Arrange a 3-day weekend tour;

·       Arrange 2 Parramatta Lamplight Tours (in conjunction with other PHP members):

·           Madness and Apothecary” (29 April) (Experiment Farm to Hambledon Cottage);

·           Women of colonial Parramatta” (13 May) (Hambledon Cottage to Elizabeth Farm);

·       Consider conducting lunchtime (?) walking tours for corporate groups;.

·       Consider leading heritage walks around Parramatta for local schools.



·       Arrange collection, recording and banking of all monies (at least weekly);

·       Arrange issue of all cheques relating to approved expenses;

·       Prepare monthly financial reports for submission to Council and GMs.

·       Provide updated signatories to CBA and AMP Banks;

·       Organise Agreements for Weddings and photos at Hambledon Cottage.


Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S)

·       Finalise and conduct First Aid courses (by Kaye Weaver);

·       Administer WHandS policy and procedures;

·       Replace out-of-date items in First Aid kits.